Intumescent Fireproofing

When exposed to heat or fire, intumescent fireproofing turns into a viscous liquid film and expands to form an insulating foam layer that absorbs some of the heat. This coating technique is typically used for applications where esthetics plays a significant role.

Cementitious Coatings

When cementitious coatings are exposed to heat, the water retained in the cement evaporates to constrain the fire and absorb some of the heat. Cementitious coatings are mainly used for non-visible applications.

Fire Stoppers

It is a fire protection system made of various components used to seal openings and joints in

Industrial Floor and Wall Coating

Floor coatings are suited for use on suitably prepared concrete floors in a variety of demanding applications such as workshops, car parks, cold storage and food processing facilities, showrooms, assembly halls, warehouses, aircraft hangers, industrial plants, engineering workshops and heavy traffic areas.

Fire Resistant Ducts

To maintain the required fire resistance and assist with the reinstatement of coustic capability. It is also used around services such as suitably supported fire rated dampers, pipe work and electrical cabling, against the passage of fire and smoke.

Fire Exhaust fan

It is designed to automatically shut off and seal the duct from the rest of the dwelling once the temperature of the air passing through the damper exceeds that of the fusible link. The fan and damper are UL listed together as an assembly for use in wood frame construction, and have been tested for the largest number of truss designs of any manufacturer.

Wooden Fire proofing

Fire proof solution for wood textile and fabric, is the special solution which creates invisible film layer on the applied surface and prevents burning when it reacts with flame. In this case, when the applied material is exposed to fire ,no flammability occurs.